Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cabin Fever

It's been rather chilly in Boston. I don't enjoy long bike rides when the thermometer dips below 10°F, which means I've been spending much time on public transportation lately. Being cooped up had me antsy and the kids weren't faring much better. It warmed up to 34°F, yesterday. It felt like a tropical breeze. I'd read somewhere there was to be a children's rock concert at The Sinclair, in Harvard Square, a bit over nine miles away from us. It was the perfect excuse to get us out of the house.

I told the girls it would be cold and that if we rode our bike it would take us almost an hour to get there, or in their terms: "three Doras". I told them we could take a bus and two trains, but that would take us an hour and a half at best. Finally, I offered to suck it up and drive, which would take us no more than 45 minutes. They chose the bike! I love my kids. We bundled up and headed on over. It wasn't too cold at all, although the wind was off of the charts. On the way in, my two year old was battered a bit by the canopy being tossed by huge gusts of wind. Wish I had a photo of the girls bent over at their waists and the canopy flat across their backs from the wind, but I'd forgotten to start the camera. On the way back, they fared better as the five year old was better equipped to lean into the canopy to prevent it from flattening out.
If not for the tiny kid leaning into it, that canopy would be flat across the box from the force of the wind.
Which reminds me, I'm loving the Stokemonkey. Seriously. There were gusts that blew us from side to side and would have stopped my not-so-aerodynamic rig in its tracks, but twist the throttle a bit and we were cruising. Good stuff.

We made it to The Sinclair in about 45 minutes and parked right out front. As we walked to the ticket window, we were told the show,"ROCK'N ROMP" was sold out. Not to be discouraged, we hung out for a bit and within fifteen minutes, we were able to buy some tickets. The girls got their faces and hands painted and took full advantage of the play things strewn about.

Rock'n Roll is good for the soul.
The band played a bunch of kid friendly rock tunes. The kiddos had a blast. Definitely worth the trip for a warm play space on a chilly day. 

Before heading home, we had to hit the Pirate Ship Playground, of course.

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