Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A shout out to Boston Bikes!

Credit where credit is due.

I had a problem with the way one of the routes I utilize was being plowed in the winter. I sent an email to the kind folks at Boston Bikes:
Good morning, 
First off, it was really nice to chat with you when we found ourselves both riding from the Harvard area to JP, last week.
Next, I've a question about Canterbury St, by Baby Nat's, that I hope you may be able answer. 
Canterbury is blocked off to MV traffic by two Jersey barriers. However, many local bicyclists utilize Canterbury as a neighborway. In the winter, this access point is typically covered by 6 - 10 feet of snow by the end of the season, as plows (not sure if they're public or private plows) just love to dump snow here. As of yesterday, it's been covered in a sheet of ice.
As I was sliding across this sheet of ice on my back last night after having wiped out while riding my bike, I realized that perhaps something could be done about this pinch point. Technically, Canterbury St is a public road in its entirety. Is it legal for plows to pile up snow on top of the Jersey barriers thus making the neighborway impossible to traverse via a bicycle for several months.
Would it be possible to have this neighborway be free from mounds of snow and sheets of ice, this winter, pretty please?
Thanks for all you do!
Todd Consentino

 I included a couple of photos.

Less than a week later, it snowed, and...

I could ride my bike here, as desired!

Here's what this area looked like last year-ish:

Score one for Boston Bikes! If you see an issue you'd like help with around Town, then, please, drop Boston Bikes a dime.

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