Saturday, November 30, 2013


My daughters and I rode the Bike Not Bombs Bike-a-thon in June. It was awesome! We did the 25 mile route with our CETMA. The ride to and from the start/finish was about 7 miles. 32 miles in a bakfiets is pretty good. Our route was pretty hilly and I'm glad I'd just tuned up the disc brakes, as some of the singletrack downhills were hairy! Anyway, I'd meant to post about this ride sooner. The reason I haven't is that I was hoping some pics of my bike would show up on the interwebs. The CETMA was mobbed. Everytime I looked around, someone with a fancy camera was taking a shot of it. It looked pretty sweet with 3 racing bibs taped to it. Since so many others were taking pics of it, I figured, incorrectly, that I wouldn't need to take any pics of it myself. Man, am I kicking myself. So, if any of you reading this have any pics of the Largo all decked out, please drop me a line. Thanks! I've lots of interior shots. It was a hot day with many hills, but we had a blast.

During Bay State Bike Week, I won the 1st ever Pack Mule Award. I've got to admit that I was psyched! I sent in some pics of the CETMA loaded up with fruit and kids from the JP Bikes Spring Roll. The award was sponsored by Light & Motion and Kryptonite. I got some fantastic swag!

Photo by the talented Nathaniel Fink
Oh, and the girls and I are in the AUG/SEP 2013 edition of Momentum Mag with our CETMA, which is pretty cool. Props to Nathaniel Fink of CycleStyleBoston for taking some great shots of us for the spread in Momentum and for featuring us in his blog, Cycle Style Boston!

The family and I made a trip out to Portland, OR over the summer, as well. We had a left coast family reunion. I was hoping to rent a bakfiets from Clever Cycles, but they were all out. I asked the interwebs where I might be able to find one for use whilst in Portland and it was then I learned of What an awesome idea! People list their bikes for rent on this site. Spinlister requires both supplier and demander to create accounts. Spinlister handles the cash and insures the bike up to $5000. I rented a bakfiets from Esther. She rocks! Her bike was well loved and used by us. If you're ever looking to rent a bak in Boston, check Spinlister for a CETMA  :)

This bakfiets was a bit more of a relaxed riding position than that of our Cetma. It definitely had a cruiser feel to it. We rode it about 10 miles to McMenimans in Troutdale. We found many wild blackberries and playgrounds along the way. We used it to tool around the town for a few days before heading back into Portland.
A bike path bridge on our way from Troutdale to Portland

We took the scenic route, about 21 miles, via the Springwater Corridor and I-205 bike trails. They were nice, scenic and wide.
Bakfiets parking at Clever Cycles
Stopped at Clever Cycles and picked up a Momentum Mag, Rain Legs and a bell for Clem.
A picnic at McMenimans

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  1. Great stories. I took my daughter on the Bikes-Not-Bombs Bike-a-thon this year too. It is a great ride for families. Thanks for the tip about Spinlister.