Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brookwood Community Farm Pancake Breakfast and Plant Sale

My girls and I headed out pretty early to Brookwood Community Farm, on Saturday. It was a perfect spring day, sunny, not too cold nor too hot. The CETMA earned us a slew of beeps and waves along the way. A fellow rider even asked to snap a photo.

The route we chose to ride took us through the Blue Hills, which presented us with a fairly lengthy and steep climb.  This is why I installed a triple chainring with mountain gearing, folks.  We made pretty good time, as it took us just over half and hour to travel the six and a half miles to the farm.

We were able to roll right in to line for pancakes, unlike the cars which were directed to a parking lot a quarter of a mile away.  I love when that happens. Really, I do. The pancakes and cider were spectacular.  My oldest ran into four or five of her friends from pre-school and they had a ball roaming the farm together, blowing bubbles, climbing trees, digging in the dirt and playing frisbee. 

Brookwood sells organic flower and vegetable plants.  I filled up a large flat with a few varieties of tomatoes, peppers, zuchini, yellow squash, herbs, geraniums, butterfly weed, nasturtia, sun flowers, and more.  Brookwood was humming.  Everyone wore their smile.  My favorite part of riding up the Blue Hills is being able to ride back down the Blue Hills!

On our way home, we decided to stop off at Houghton's Pond. As it turned out, it happened to be National Take Your Kids to a Park Day. Score.  Mass DCR was on hand with nets and clear containers for the kids to use to scoop critters from the pond. The girls caught crayfish, tadpoles, dragonfly nymphs and snails.

Mass Audubon was on hand with live owls and turtles.  It was neat.  My youngest LOVES owls.  She kept "whooo whoooo whoooing" to the owls, expecting a conversation.

After hanging out on the playground for a while, we decided to head home, again, when I received a text from a friend who lives not far from where we were headed.  So, we swung by.  Fireman Dave is a new dad.  He was out in the yard planning this year's garden with his little boy.  The girls were enamored with the little guy. 

The sky started to darken and we decided we should beat it back home.  As we hit the bottom of the hill, my rear brake cable snapped.  Lucky for me, there's a brake on the front wheel, too.  As we were only half a block from Fireman Dave's house, we turned around for some aid.  FD came out with an assortment of wrenches, pliers and a third hand tool.  There was just enough of the cable left for us to fudge the rear brake connection to at least get us home. 

Today, we'll be planting some seeds, readying beds for more daylillies and installing a new cable, maybe some new brake pads on the CETMA.  I hope you're enjoying this weather, too.  Oh, and Brookwood Farm is selling plants today, too.

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